The Kentlands: A Town Within a City

Kentlands 1

Imagine walking down a tree-lined sidewalk, picket fences to your left and right. Up ahead, you spot your favorite neighborhood restaurant and notice that there’s a sale at the trendy clothing boutique across the street. You know everyone in town, including your neighbors, your children’s teachers, and the manager of the grocery store. That sounds like the perfect small town life, right? Free from the hustle and bustle and complications of living in the city. And it is the perfect small town life – it just happens to be nestled in the heart of Gaithersburg.

Kentlands 2

The Kentlands is “award-winning neo-traditional community” that combines the best of big city and small town life. In fact, the development bills itself as a “town within a city.” The Kentlands has an active social calendar, arts and cultural events, shopping, and dining – all within a few miles of your house. On the off chance you can’t find what you want in your neighborhood, you still have the rest of Gaithersburg to explore.


If you’re concerned that a “town within a city” couldn’t possibly live up to the natural beauty afforded in more rural areas, don’t be. The Kentlands is surrounded by numerous parks and recreational sites. From water parks to golf courses (actual-sized and mini) to Quince Orchard Valley Park, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s level of outdoorsiness.

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For those of you with children, Montgomery County offers some of the best schools in the state. In fact, according to US News, six of the top ten high schools in Maryland are all within the county lines. As a parent, myself, I know how parents struggle between affordable living and high-quality schools. When we moved to Maryland, I was thrilled to find a robust magnet school program that would accommodate the interests of both of my children that would give them the head starts they need to prepare for college.

While I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed living in small towns, I’m also not sure I’m entirely ready to move my kids into the big city. The Kentlands offers families the perfect compromise between small town (and often off the beaten trail) life and the go-go-go of cities. Why don’t you give The Kentlands a try? I think you’ll feel right at home.